Carol Baclig

Carol Baclig

Certified Health Coach

I’m Carol Baclig and helping people live healthy, vibrant lives is my passion. My business Wellness 4 Life offers sensible, holistic solutions for your ultimate well-being – in all facets exerting influence on you – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I work with adults and children, in person and online, to promote wellness in families, businesses, schools, and other organizations.

With my expertise, your healthy choices will become habits.

Carol Baclig Canoeing

As a wellness coach and mentor, I have long found that feeling good in your own skin, having the confidence, the ease of motion, the foundation of self-love that helps us glow with healthiness….it’s way more than going on an exercise binge and eating carrot sticks.

Based on my professional education and experience in health services, along with the research and training I have subsequently completed, I realize that vibrant health encompasses having achievable solutions for enhanced well-being at the highest level for our mind, body, heart, and soul. It’s learning how to take control and make easy, effective choices.
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Outstanding class, factual and up-to-date content, knowledgeable instructor.

Carolyn M.

Enjoyed the hands-on activities e.g. reading labels, exercises. Useful knowledge & enjoyed the recipes.
Teresa R.

Outstanding program and would recommend this training to others.
Craig M.

Found the content easy to relate to and useful. Highly recommend.
Tim A.